© WWW.healthlifemeditation.com 2011   Discover Meditation™ Discover Meditation is Mantra Based Meditation Course developed by Michael MacKenzie and Is absolutely Free with no obligation Mantra is the key to a simple yet profound meditation experience. Millions of people practise Mantra based Meditation to enhance their quality of life All you need to do is download the free course and find out how easy it is to bring Peace and Harmony to your life And the beauty of what Michael Mackenzie has created is that he is happy if all you do is use the Discover Meditation Mantra Practice and the Sample. But if you are like many thousands of users worldwide you will venture in to the full LifeFlow course. Visit the Project Meditation User Forum Download the Free Meditation Course Now! About LifeFlow™ Meditation 2.0 LifeFlow™ Sample LifeFlow™ - The Full Review “LifeFlow is the effortless way to meditate so deeply, your body will quiver with pleasure as endless happy endorphins and anti-ageing hormones flow through your mind and body.” The Lifeflow™ package comes with plenty of generic marketing tags like above. And Purports to........ Helps you think faster and sharper Endows you with limitless energy Helps you to release all stresses and tension Meditate like Monk within minutes Etc... Etc... Etc... A big promise, anybody stating these claims, needs good backup material and real users. LifeFlow is a 10-level entrainment program that uses special sounds to help influence brainwaves. We all know that meditation is good it can bring a untold benefits. And yet how many of us truly have time to sit in lotus and quieten our minds for hours on end. That's where the LifeFlow System comes in. LifeFlow uses something known as "brainwave entrainment"  Entrainment has been scientifically proven to coordinate right and left hemispheres our brains and fast track meditative practices, so much so, it can reduce the years of meditation traditionally required to a few short months. Some feel the benefits almost instantly. It uses special sounds to help influence brainwaves, putting the mind into a deep state of meditation within approximately 8 minutes of listening. So why is LifeFlow different, what sets it apart from its competitors? LifeFlow incorporates not only "Binaural" beats but also "Monaural" and "Isochronic" tones in a structure of 12 simultaneous layers. Isochronic, Monaural and Binaural each have unique benefits. LifeFlow incorporates all three wave forms in its entrainment matrix creating a wider variety of use and benefits. Sounds impressive... But does it work; does LifeFlow really live up to its claims? Well, to put it to the test. Try the free sample Now, I've listened to a lot of relaxation music, guided meditations etc. But I have always tended to meditation eau naturel (no not nude, but just little ol' me) but this sample audio was genuinely powerful. You could feel it working and helping me to relax, bringing on the meditative state faster and smoother. It's recommended that you download the free Discover Meditation™ course before beginning LifeFlow After a few days of practice with this wonderful mantra method, you can introduce the sample 14 minute track. The support is second to none and then there is the wonderful Project Meditation Forum. These are real people and real users. The forum is packed with great advice, from choosing headphones to the best posture. There are many who use LifeFlow just as a daily listening practice and have no intention of starting to meditate. It can help you work, study or relax. The Package comes as downloadable MP3's or CD delivered to your address there are some wonderful bonus tracks to. So back to the beginning and the promises Michael MacKenzie makes! Are they true? Well yes, they do, but the secret is actually turning up each day setting aside some time to be alone, slipping on you headphones and relaxing with LifeFlow then life truly does take on another dimension, you think faster and sharper, have more energy, you can release all stresses and tensions. Basically you become the REAL YOU.   Remember though...LifeFlow is not a meditation system. You are the Meditator LifeFlow aids the speed at which you reach a meditative level....... And - at least for me - that's worth the price-tag a hundred times over. On my Blog and web-pages at Health Life Meditation I have written a short review of Lifeflow, this was from a sceptical traditionalist point of view who was converted Several people have asked me to write a more general review for this wonderful product. Hence this separate page. ?